New World Order & Islam:

Change always depends upon youth!

With the passage of time, our strategy to tackle certain situations may change but what remains consistent is our principles. Our principles never change in Islam. Those who don’t evolve their tactics and abilities according to the need become part of the history.

After the emergence of new world order along with internet accessibility in 90’s, swift and rapid changes occurred around the globe. This effected cultures and social values in every community, thus reshaping the world. Muslims were the one who endured the most in every ground and are still suffering.

The intellectual battle against Islam spread to every existent platform. Struggles to reshape Muslims into ‘Moderate Muslims’ got multiplied. A moderate version of Islam was introduced which has many followers now. In short, a revived and innovated campaign to reshape Islam and Muslims was launched on a bigger scale ever seen.

Translation of the world into a global village made this campaign easier with a reduced use of manpower. Print and electronic media was used in first hand to reshape Muslim’s mentality. With the popularity of social media, the campaign was launched over there with all of its severity to remodel the ideology of Muslim youth.

There has been a constant need to present and defend Islam on such platforms and individual efforts were seen from the start. But necessity of an organized dedicated team has always been sensed. A team that is well organized and supervised by the people of knowledge, with the capability to revive Islam on these networks and platforms is needed to confront the enemies of Islam. Such a team that strives its best on intellectual grounds to save the Muslim generation of today and upcoming from the influence of non-Muslims and its allies in the form of seculars and liberals.

Allah’s help is with the ‘Jama’at’ and UCT (Ummah Cyber Team) is a team that is supervised by Mufti Syed Adnan Kakakhel Sahib (May Allah protect him). It is a group of energetic youngsters from all walks of life that are motivated to serve Islam and Muslims. If you have got some skill as everyone has got some, come and join us to earn a great reward from Allah for striving to save Muslim youth from falling into Satan’s trap. I would end it with a quote from my beloved Sheikh,

It is the youth who always in history bear the burden of change

Are you up for the ‘change’? Join at

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