Ever thought of a cyber society with no haram thing?

The world has become a global village with the advancement in internet. We blame internet for all the haram things penetrating in our society but we ourselves never bother to introduce halal things into it. Many of us know how to write, code, draw and develop but we don’t know how to do it in a halal way in a central cyber-society for Muslims. Think of a cyber-society with no haram thing. That’s right! The cyber world can have halal yet catchy apps, addictive games and most visited websites. There will be apps which promote not only Islam but are basis for educating the beings from their childhood. Games will be for all age groups with not a single glimpse of haram thing. Think of a world in which even non-Muslims would like to play Islamic games, visit Islamic websites and have Islamic apps in their cell phones. This will surely change the view point of the western world about Islam.

We are productive personalities, we have skills, we have passion, we have ideas but we don’t have a platform, a platform where we could display our talent; halal talent. Many students, inventors, creative persons of ummah are deprived of a common platform. We need a platform for Muslims where they can be recognized for their efforts and skills. That is the platform which Ummah Cyber team is providing. Ummah Cyber Team is your ultimate platform whether you are a writer, graphic designer, web designer and developer or programmer. Now that we have a common platform for our skills, lets gather the talent of Islam on this common and first of its kind platform for all Muslims around the world. Let’s mold our skills into actual apps, games, graphics and websites.

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