The third verse of Surah Al-Mu’minoon has a word in it… Al-Laghoo. The preceding verses’ translation goes like this;

“Undoubtedly, the believers reached to their goal. Those who beseech in their prayers. And those who turn away from vain talk.”
Surat Al-Mu’minūn, 1 – 3

The word “Al-Laghoo” is the point of interest here. The word on surface means, ‘that which doesn’t benefit.’ But in context, it refers to useless activity and speech that neither benefits one’s duniya nor the Deen. In the fast pacing world of present times, it has become one of the many common struggles that a person finds him/her self struggling with. And it’s such an important topic that ALLAH is mentioning it in the Quran; and staying away from it is described as one of the attributes of believers.

We are all victims of Al-Laghoo. Small and vain talk, unnecessary usage of the electronic gadgets, watching T.V for hours, sitting with friends and talking behind other people’s backs, overuse of social media, following celebrity culture etc, etc. The list is long and guaranteed, that anyone reading this will find him/her self a victim of at least one of these forms of Al-Laghoo. Some people might argue that talking with friends for hours about a new T.V show or a game is just having fun with friends. True, on surface it doesn’t seem like it’s harmful but slowly and gradually it takes over a person’s life, makes him/her addicted to such things. So basically, what Al-Laghoo does is that it makes you a slave of these material things. Believe it or not, shaitan is a hard worker and he’ll make sure that you rot in hell by making you do things that you don’t even consider sinful. We don’t even realize that we are engaging in Al-Laghoo. It is a sinful act. Why? Because it “shifts one’s focus away from the things and people who are truly important and makes one a lousy procrastinator. Most important of all, the valuable time that one should be giving to strengthening one’s Eeman and making a connection with the Creator is poorly lost because of Al-Laghoo.” This one word of the Holy Quran can be talked about and discussed for hours but it’ll be restricted to the Al-Laghoo in social media world.

Shaitan has worked hard and created new opportunities for us to engage in Al-Laghoo. All you need is an internet connection. The profuse social media has made our youth vulnerable to it. One can literally sit behind the screen for hours and waste time on useless things. This culture’s been so exaggerated that it’s almost impossible to stay away from it’s tools like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, tumbler to name a few.

Now the question is, How do we get rid of it? And the answer is to beat the habit of Al-Laghoo and procrastination by engaging in something fruitful on internet. I, of course being a victim of it came upon Mufti Syed adnan Kakakhail’s page on facebook and filled out the form that was advertised on the page to make a team of Muslims striving to spread the message of real Islam. That was the perfect opportunity to spend the social media time on something worthwhile, so that when it’ll be looked back upon, there will be no regrets. The best thing is that it’s supervised by Mufti sahab himself and the admins (male/female) are helpful individuals; sincere in making the members of team transform tech world into an Islamified one. People who are a part of the team (now named Ummah Cyber Team, UCT) are contributing towards it. But in my case it’s opposite. UCT has helped me. It has made me stay away from Al-Laghoo and stay on track.

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