What is Ummah Cyber Team?
Ummah Cyber Team is a digital media team supervised by Mufti Syed Adnan Kakakhail sahib aimed at removing the gap between the modern world and Muslims. It is a movement to bring the Muslim talent to one platform and show the world we are not behind.

We believe digital media is a medium which has impacts on our ideologies and actions. As it is said that social media was like “a spark and an accelerant” for Egypt Revolution of 2011. It can alter the state of a country. In the 2009 Moldova civil unrest above 30,000 protesters organized themselves using Twitter. More examples can be found on Google.

We provide a co-working virtual space for talented Muslims that are willing to work on their ideas and projects where they can share skills, resources and energies. We have mentors and professionals, who support the community by investing their experiences, skills, networks and money in some of the best online projects serving for Deen.

Till now we arranged two events in Islamabad and Karachi focused on the theme of Islamifying the Digital Wordl. We also intend to do workshops at different places in Pakistan on importance of work for Islam on Digital Media.

Basic intention and core thought
All praises and thanks is due to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala, the Lord of universe, the most Beneficent and Merciful. May the choicest blessings and peace of Allah be upon the last Messenger, Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and all the chosen Prophets, his Family, Companions and all those who follow his footsteps till the end this universe.

All praises to Allah who put us on the right path and with whose blessings are we commencing this work for benefit of our Aakhirah and of course for the general benefit of Ummah as a whole. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala accept our efforts. Below are some introductory thoughts and rules of which most are put forward by Mufti Syed Adnan Kakakhail Sb DB himself.

Basic intention and core thought of UCT as Muslims is the propagation and defense of Islam and its values through all its resources and skills, especially by the use of Digital Media (computers, mobiles, internet etc.) as a tiny attempt to please Allah the Almighty.

Background and importance
Background and importance is clear, since the impacts of Digital Media on our lives are clear and strong, it not only has the ability to influence our perceptions but to a certain extent influence the foreign policies, ongoing processes and outcomes of/in a country. It has the ability to present the truth as a lie and a lie as a clear unshaken truth. Whether we stand up for this field (Digital Media) or not, the enemies of Islam are constantly engaged in its further strengthening. The western powers especially are directly or indirectly using it against Islam to create an illusion and evil image of Islam depicting it as a religion which promotes terrorism, violence, extremism and antipathy. We need to respond to such negative representations of Islam. Islam is ‘submission’ and ‘peace,’ a religion that calls for acceptance of one God, Allah, the almighty and promotes peace. As much as the Digital Media can disgrace the general Muslim population and Islam, it can also restore and further inform the public of the true image and principles of the religion. Therefore, it is a must to make an active representative team which effectively uses Digital Media for this purpose, renovating the ethos of this beautiful religion in the eyes of the world.

What is our aim?
The primary aim of UCT is to engage and use the Digital Media to spread information and news to Muslims as well as non-Muslims regarding the real teachings of Islam.

Digital Media is considered as the important means of Da’wah (introducing/inviting others to Islam). The work of Da’wah itself is to deliver the truth of the divine to people. In the days of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), for instance, the work of Da’wah was carried out through verbal communication and real actions. Today, we witness Digital Media used for all types of purposes: marketing, information, and education. It is an undeniable fact that these forms of communication may also be regarded as a tool that influences public opinion. Thus, in the midst of this rapid development of information and technology, the work of Da’wah should take the advantage of this system and use it fully to spread the divine message of Islam and generate peace in the human lives.

Procedure and art of our work
Why in the first place does the Western World hold negative views about Islam? The answer is because the West knows a very little about Islam. The internet is surely the popular and cheapest form of communication for spreading the true teachings of Islam. The procedure of our work is to ‘Islamify’ everything that is already present in the Digital World. Be it Websites, Games, Apps, Text, Images, Videos, Social Media etc. our work is to ‘Islamify’ and add the sweetness of Islam to it.

What is Reward of our members?
If the intentions are pure Ultimate Reward will be given by the creator of all rewards, Allah, on the Day of Judgment.